Poemed in transit

ultra-velocious late-night-mind
endless longings.
Thankfully, discarding them –
with a new sunrise.

A child yawns;
annoying sun-rays –
find my lethargic, shut-eyes.
I pat the kid,
he cries..
Someone in the kitchen,
is already pressure cooking.
Oh, an erection-
not the aroused kind,
more of gotta-pee kind, builds.
I turn away
from the window
and the child,
resolving a fifteen minute
sleep bonus.

The child is generous today,
he decides to play alone.
I drank an extra last night.
Can’t help drinking ‘cos
my accounting abilities are
troubling me.
Bio computing in 2033
is an evolutionary flaw.
An unexpressed skill,
despite inventions
of quasi-bio memory chips
installed in every brain.
My long outdated talent
is bottled up.
And now evaporating..
the steam builds in.
Earlier it escaped
through the ears –
but with popular use
of latest sound mitigation techniques
(to  keep sanity)
even that is getting rare.

The child scratches my neck-
need to clip his nails
every Wednesday now.
Oh, and yeah, it was not
a pressure cooker whistle,
my train had blown horn.
It keeps moving fast
not stopping
at a small station.

There is no child either!
Well, there was one, once
who might have turned
eighteen today.
I had departed for the war
on the day he had turned two.

It was a long, deadly war
I have not been home since.

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1 Response to Poemed in transit

  1. renu sharma says:

    tumhari poem padhi ..kuchh samajh aayee kuchh nahin….

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